The tool that enables you to auto-start your applications when you want them to.



AppTimer allows you to auto-start a list of programs or files based on timers.

Just add your programs by clicking "Add task", configure a time point and then click "Start timers". It can't get easier. Optionally you're able to set timers for each program or file. You can also configure AppTimer to start the timers automatically.

There are two timer settings available:

Absolute timers: Programs will auto-start on a fixed time, for example 9am.
Relative timers: Programs will auto-start after some time period. For example: 10 seconds after clicking "Start timers".

Configure AppTimer as you wish to: You can auto-start all your programs on some time directly after system startup. AppTimer


AppTimer stores your autostart list in a local database.

Configure your timers once and run them every time you start your computer.

AppTimer Windows

Available from the system tray

Access all options with just two clicks.

Track the current timer execution status, start, stop and configure your timers or set your user preferences.


Truly cross-platform

AppTimer is available for Mac and Windows. It is a true native application.

Use our utility on either platform. It works like a charm.

AppTimer Windows

Example use case

You want your mail program to start every work day on 9am. Add an absolutely timed program to AppTimer. Configure your program so it doesn't get removed from the list after it got executed.

Try AppTimer today and see how it fits your requirements!

AppTimer example use case

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  • Only 3 tasks possible
  • Tasks won't get saved
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Single-place license

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  • Fully featured
  • Free access to all updates
  • One license per machine
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